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Idealist/Dreams/Body Images

5 May

Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

Mission Statement: To bring in the New Age; to help humanity achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Area of body affiliated with this Archetype: calves, ankles, circulatory and nervous system, shares the respiratory system with Gemini and Virgo.

Dreams: airplanes and flying.  This is the archetype of the pilot

For more information see Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer, LPC, CAC III and Elizabeth Cox at www.authorhouse.com. Based on the work of Charles Bebeau Ph. D.



19 Feb

Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

The Teacher/Traveler is as the title implies a teacher and a world traveler, interested in all cultures of the world.  S/he likes working with believe systems.  S/he makes a good therapist, publisher, lawyer, spiritual teacher.  This archetype is represented by Sagittarius and ruled by Jupiter.  Horses, trains, and trucks could appear in the dreams of a person with this archetype.  Could this be one of your archetypes?  For more information on Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer, go to www.authorhouse.com