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Mystic/Dreams/Body Image

7 May

Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

Mission Statement: Spiritual Connection.

Area of the Body affiliated with this Archetype: feet, pituitary gland, immune system.

Dream images: water, dolphins, fish, sleep, bed.  Pisces also rules prisons, hospitals or any other public institutions.

For more information please see Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer, LPC, CAC III at www.authorhouse.com.



19 Feb

Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

The Mystic has a deep spiritual connection, is very psychic and empathetic.  On the shadow side, s/he can lose themselves easily in other people.  They need another archetype such as the Elder Leader to help them set boundaries with others.  The other shadow aspects is substance abuse.  They make good actors/actresses as they can easily project themselves into their characters.  They also make good business administrators as they can use their intuitive sense to make a profit.  Mystic is associated with Pisces, ruled by Neptune.  For more information on Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer, go to www.authorhouse.com