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Elizabeth’s Estate (part 2 or What are your archetypes?)

23 Dec

Elizabeth (the Elder Leader) is a matronly woman of seventy years, born at Christmas time. She inherited a large 12 -bedroom Mansion from her mother, as she was the oldest daughter. She married her husband, Arthur (Golden Child). He was a dashing young actor in theatre. That’s what attracted her to him. She soon grew to dislike that debonair air about him. For what attracted her to him, also attracted many other women. Even though they were both leaders in their own way, they decided they could no longer coexist in the same wing of the house so Arthur moved into his own kingly suites in the South wing.

Lancelot (Warrior) is Elizabeth and Arthur’s son, born April 1. Lance positively annoyed everyone, especially his Aunt Sophia (Soul Mother), with his deer trophies, gun collection, rolling toolbox and a full set of exercise equipment in the den, especially when all household members wanted to share that room. Romeo (Lover) and Mercurious (Communicator) wanted to do more formal entertaining. Somehow the toolbox didn’t lend to the ambience. Lance gladly moved his equipment and accoutrements to the renovated chauffeur’s quarters in the old carriage house.

The oldest daughter of Elizabeth and Arthur is Inanna (Artist/Priestess), who was born at the end of April. She is quite the artist in every sense with her painting, dancing and singing. Inanna could produce the most exquisite pieces of art, but it left half of the house very messy with fifty different paint jars all over the kitchen and formal dining room. Inanna discovered an old artist studio on the property. With a little renovating and cleaning up she now has a beautiful studio with a loft and a view of the countryside to inspire her artwork. She also has a small kitchen where she keeps a stash of her favorite sweets and desserts. She could indulge her sweet tooth without Aunt Sofia’s lecture on health or Lance’s offer to take her jogging. She also discovers that she is a little more creative in her own quiet space.
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