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What are your archeypes? (Part 3 of Elizabeth’s Estate)

23 Dec

Aunt Sophia (Soul Mother) longed for a quiet place of her own; so she renovated the Caretaker’s Cottage into her own private sanctuary. She cleaned out the massive fireplace and built a warm hearth. She planted a year around garden in the green house, including her healing herbs. She developed a well-stocked pharmacy. Her sister, Sabrina (Dark Mother, like the Black Madonna), who is a healer and midwife uses the herbs in attending to the other members of the estate when they are ill. Sophia now has her own small library full of her favorite books. She now receives some of her private clients, for whom she provides holistic counseling, incorporating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects in her work. She has her own small kitchen where she can prepare healthy, holistic food.

Elizabeth has an older brother nicknamed Einstein (Idealist) because of his creative genius. He is constantly experimenting with his newest theory in his lab. He has some great ideas on how to improve humanity’s existence on the planet. The only problem is that the lab was adjacent to his sleeping room and his experiments were constantly blowing up. This became costly in repairing the room. Einstein gladly agreed to move to the hangar on the property, where he has his two aircraft. He was a WWII pilot. He likes vintage planes. One of the rooms in the hangar easily converted to a sleeping room and another to a laboratory. He found he had much more freedom in his own abode.

The Professor (Teacher/Traveler) decided to move to the groom’s quarters where he could have better access to his mare Sophia, who was due to foal in a couple of months. He converted one room to his private library where he kept his great collection of books and artifacts collected from his travels around the world. He retired from the local university where he taught Anthropology and Philosophy for 20 years. The Professor has published many of his own books.

Elizabeth’s second daughter Misty (The Mystic), born in the cold month of February, drinks like a fish. She had converted the room next to her sleeping quarters into a bar. She inherited this trait of imbibing too much from her father, although her father had a bit more control over his consumption than his unfortunate daughter. Misty also has difficulty setting boundaries with others. She seems to feel the pain of the world, which led to crying spells and of course, more drinking. Try as she might, Elizabeth couldn’t get her daughter to quit drinking. She had come to a point of resignation over this, relinquishing control to her daughter. One day though, she realized her mother wasn’t going to live forever and promised her mother that she would quit drinking. She converted the bar to an altar of her choosing, got involved with AA, found her higher power, and sober friends.

Romeo (Lover) and Mercurious Communicator remained in the main building. The two of them developed a public relations business and converted two rooms on the ground floor to their offices. They discovered they could work in tandem, Merc servicing the accounts of clients and Romeo managing the public relations.
These two men, along with Arthur in the south wing, are the more social members of the estate. Once the dreadful guns, exercise equipment, saddles, exploding laboratory were out of the manor, they could entertain lavishly and as often as they liked. Romeo had a knack for bringing the great ballroom and formal gardens to life again after almost a decade of idleness and neglect. Romeo found a great ally in Mama in providing refreshments for the guests.

Mama (Nourishing Mother) has been the cook for Elizabeth’s family for as long as Elizabeth can remember. Mama loves feeding people, the more the merrier. Mama is a great bosomy woman, who seems to sense others’ presence and emotions through some mysterious body sense. Many people find comfort in her arms and from her nourishing food.

So the 12 archetypes found they had more peace if they allowed each member to express in his or her own way. Although 6 of the archetypes are female leaning and 6 are male leaning, we can a little of each in us, if we dare to!
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