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15 Mar


Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

In this Jungian Archetypal system, developed by Charles Bebeau,  there are 12 archetypes, which relate to the Zodiac.  Each archetype is associated with part of the human body and certain dream images.  Everyone has approximately 4-5-6 archetypes.  You can discover these archetypes by looking at your astrological chart.  You can also discover these archetypes by relating the characteristic of the archetype, the part of the body or the dreams associated with it to yourself.

The Golden Child relates to Leo.

Mission Statement: Charismatic Leadership

Area of the body affiliated with this archetype: the heart, upper back

Dream Images: Lion, big cats, the Sun and the King

I can relate to this Archetype as I am a Leo and I love the Sun.  My son is also a Leo, his call sign as a Navy Pilot is Golden. 

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