What are your Archetypes?

23 Dec

The 12 archetypes (based on Jung/Bebeau) are personality styles that are ingrained in each of us. The archetypes are ancient. They were present in Humanity from the beginning of time and still present in us today. We all have the 12 archetypes in us, but approximately 4-6 will be more dominant. Each of us will put together our own unique combination of those particular archetypes in our individual manner. It makes us all unique and why “one size doesn’t fit all”; why someone has a special talent that others may not. We each have choices in how we bring those particular archetypes into the world through us. Are we going to maximize our talents or suppress them? Each archetype has its strength as well as its shadow. The shadow is a part of the archetype that is repressed, not brought into the light. For example, the Warrior protects boundaries, pioneers change. But the shadow side of the Warrior uses that misguided aggressive anger to kill innocent people.

I visualize the 12 archetypes like an ancient English Mansion where all the services were available on one estate. But if we put all of the people in one house, could they live together peacefully? If we tried to make someone play the piano or participate in wrestling who doesn’t like it or have the talent for it, are we working against those natural talents or desires trying to form someone to our image?

The 12 archetypes in an English Estate setting to follow in the next blog.

Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy at http://www.authorhouse.com


One Response to “What are your Archetypes?”

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