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Intuitive and rational thinking

25 Nov

Lately, I have been thinking/feeling that great disconnect between the logical, rational world of work and my private, intuitive symbolic world.  I wonder why there has to be such a disconnect between thinking and intuition.  They should complement one and other.  Often society looks at the more spiritual, intuitive processes  as less rational and sane than the more scientific thought.  They are both symbol systems; there are generally accepted concepts and symbols.

As the late Dane Rudhyar said in his book The Astrological Houses, “Science has its destructive side as well—witness the pollution and destruction of natural elements, and the depersonalization and monstrous proliferation of human beings in blighted cities.  Of course one can explain away the negative results, and place the blame on human nature.  The value of any symbol is derived from the way it is used, which often means from the way it inevitably will be used by human beings, considering the particular stage of their present evolution.”