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Elder Leader/Dreams/Body Images

22 Apr

Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

Mission Statement: To provide Mature Leadership and Authority

Area of the Body affiliated with this Archetype: skeleton, ears, knees

Dreams: sheep, goats, mountains, tall buildings, ice, crystals

For instance: Pluto is in Capricorn (Elder Leader) right now.  Pluto is transformational.  I interpret that as a transformation in Leadership.  Example the Arab Spring.  Pluto  will stay in Capricorn for about 16 years. Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer, LPC, CAC III and Elizabeth Cox, MA


Teacher/Traveler/Dreams/Body Images

22 Apr

Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

Mission Statement: To Synthesize Principals to their Highest Meaning (Philosopher)

Area of Body Affiliated with this Archetype: Buttocks, thighs

Dreams: horses (I love horses and have lots of dreams with them in it), trains, trucks, big automobiles, schools Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer LPC, CAC III and Elizabeth Cox, MA

Dark Mother/Dreams/body images

20 Apr

Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

The Dark Mother is a good energy.  We don’t need to associate dark with bad.  The Dark Mother would relate to Ereshkigal from the Sumerian tradition; or Persephone with her trip to the underworld; or Kali from the Indian tradition or Lillith and the Black Madonna in the Judeo-Christian tradition.  She is Queen of the underworld, where souls go between life and death.  She relates to Scorpio and to live, death, sex and transformation. 

Mission: To honor the deep,passionate part of self.  Therapists and others go into the deep part of the unconscious to do healing work.

Body Area affiliated with this Archetype: Reproductive system, large intestine and the immune system alone with Soul Mother and Mystic.

Dream Images: scorpion, snake, eagle, reptiles, were-wolves, mud, muck, feces.  Sometimes this dreams make me cringe when I wake up, but all part of our process of being a living being.

Two of my favorite nephews Brent and Eli are Scorpios.

Thanks to my followers for your encouragement (I found some of the positive comments in the Spam folder, so I have to be sure and check there also).  Just when I think not many people care about this, I find I have to re-evaluate that perception. 

An example of the way “So above, so below” works is: I had a dream this morning of being in a supped up car that was going too fast.  And yup, the moon just went into Aries, which represents speed.  I had a partner that supped up the car, so he represents my animus, or inner male.  He said not to worry about it, rather cavalier.

The book Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer, LPC, CAC III and Elizabeth Cox, MA is available at

Lover/Dreams/Body Images

15 Apr

Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

Mission Statement: To make relationship transcendent

Area of Body affiliated with Archetype: kidneys, back of waist

Dream images: Love birds, relationships, scales (balance)

In the world today, the search for a Soul Mate is like a Spiritual journey.  We all have a little of all the archetypes in us, but some are more prevalent. I don’t have a lot of this archetype.  Some Lover types get a little upset with me because at this point in my life, an intimate relationship isn’t very important.  I have a lot more of the Soul Mother, who is content to spend time alone.  This is what makes us all unique and it is understanding those differences that is key.

 Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer at

Soul Mother/Dream/Body Images

15 Apr

The Soul Mother is one of the 3 Mother energies; we looked at the Nourishing Mother previously.   Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

Mission Statement: Strong healing service.  Along with the Dark Mother, she is a healer.  These women  were branded witches in the Middle Ages and often carried the Soul Mother and Dark Mother archetypes.

Area of Body affiliated with Archetype:  The  digestive system, left lung, top of left shoulder down to the little finger.

Dream images: nature, cats, dogs, trees, owls, corn and wheat

My moon is in Virgo (Soul Mother) and so I understand this archetype intimately.  I’m a gardener and enjoy my alone time.  There is another part of me that “is out in the world” such as the Teacher/Traveler and Golden Child.

For the book Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer go to


Golden Child

8 Apr

Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

In this Jungian Archetypal system, developed by Charles Bebeau,  there are 12 archetypes, which relate to the Zodiac.  Each archetype is associated with part of the human body and certain dream images.  Everyone has approximately 4-5-6 archetypes.  You can discover these archetypes by looking at your astrological chart.  You can also discover these archetypes by relating the characteristic of the archetype, the part of the body or the dreams associated with it to yourself.

The Golden Child relates to Leo.

Mission Statement: Charismatic Leadership

Area of the body affiliated with this archetype: the heart, upper back

Dream Images: Lion, big cats, the Sun and the King

I can relate to this Archetype as I am a Leo and I love the Sun.  My son is also a Leo, his call sign as a Navy Pilot is Golden.