Nourishing Mother

24 Mar

                                                       Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

In this Jungian Archetypal system, developed by Charles Bebeau,  there are 12 archetypes, which relate to the Zodiac.  Each archetype is associated with part of the human body and certain dream images.  Everyone has approximately 4-5-6 archetypes.  You can discover these archetypes by looking at your astrological chart.  You can also discover these archetypes by relating the characteristic of the archetype, the part of the body or the dreams associated with it to yourself. 

 There are 3 mothers in this system.  We will look at the first one; The Nourishing Mother.  The other two are the Soul Mother and the Dark Mother (like the Black Madonna).  It seems with the emphasis on the Patriarchy throughout history, that many times the feminine also gets minimized in Astrology; the more male signs like Aries and Leo are values as opposed to Taurus or Virgo.  And yet the feminine signs and Goddesses are very powerful too and deserve to be given equal emphasis. 

 A more complete explanation can be found in Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer at

Mission Statement: To build home; deep connection to home, family, community and ones ancestral background.

Areas of body affiliated with this archetype: stomach and breasts

Dream images: breasts, stomach, food, mother, home



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