Dark Mother

19 Feb

Illustrated by Sarah Trumpp

You may think Dark Mother is a negative energy, but that isn’t so.  S/he is the powerful Queen of the Under World in Sumerian legend or  the Black Madonna in the Christian Tradition.  Along with the Soul Mother, s/he is a healer.  S/he is also the midwife or hospice worker; helping people come into the world or leave it.  S/he is the archetype of life, death, and sexuality.  In the middle ages such women and men were labeled as witches or warlocks and burned at the stake.  People with this archetype may carry that wound and their mission is to heal that within themselves and for all humanity.  The is represented by Scorpio and ruled by Pluto.   Which archetypes do you carry within yourself?  I think that is what makes this belief system so personal, is that it relates to all of us.  For more information on Jungian Archetypal Psychology Made Easy by Theresa Bauer, please visit www.authorhouse.com


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